Hua Hin – The Royal Beach Resort Town of Thailand. 

Pano Hua Hin.jpg
Hua Hin Skyline

Hua Hin is Thailand’s original and one of the oldest beach resort. It’s roots trace to 1920’s when King Rama VII built the Royal Family’s summer residence here to getaway from Bangkok’s sultry climate. Later he built the Southern Railway which linked Hua Hin with the other major towns of Thailand, making it a weekend destination for the locals as it was much cheaper than other southern islands. Since early 80’s big shot hoteliers started investing here as a result it attracted foreign tourists since then.

Hua Hin Town from our Condo

Today Hua Hin has become the retirement place for rich westerners who found peace of mind here. It has long beaches, vivid night markets, lot’s and lot’s of massage parlors, variety of street foods and full of friendly people.

Hua Hin town at Night

Cicada Market is Hua Hin’s prime night market where you would find all handmade products of the locales being sold by the locales as well. Cicada also has variety of food and liquor stalls. But what struck me most was live music performances. You could simply get a bottle of beer and morsel and please yourself with soothing music. Tamarind Market located next to Cicada is a cheaper option of food market, their waffles and roasted chicken are note worthy.

Entrance to Cicada

Transport options to Hua Hin are much cheaper than other beach resorts in Thailand as it’s only 230kms from Bangkok Downtown so if you are looking out on pocket friendly beach destinations do consider Hua Hin.

Till we meet again. Khaapkhun ka

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