Aonang ,Krabi

Krabi is a coastal town in the west coast of Thailand, the name Krabi comes from the river Krabi which channels the mainland to Andaman Sea, located about 780 kms away from the mainland of Bangkok and is accessible by air, rail or roads. A flight to Krabi from Bangkok takes 45 minutes where as a bus journey is about 12 hour overnight journey, trains to Krabi also takes similar kind of long hours. So it’s completely upon you to choose, whether to save money or to save time.


This blog is a pretty late one as I am writing about a trip which i went in the summers of 2015. Nevertheless Krabi has become much more popular beach resort now, so why not write on it. This trip was a very iconic one just because it being my first abroad trip. I went to Krabi via Bangkok by flight and then from Krabi airport to Aonang by a minivan.

Aonang is the main westernized beach in Krabi, it’s a paradise for backpackers and sunbathers. Aonang consists of a long beach and a stretch of road which offers varied options for restaurants, cafes, pubs, massage parlors and souvenir shops. Transport options to wander in and around the town are tuk-tuk’s or shuttles which look like covered trucks and is the cheapest option, taxi’s are pretty pinching but renting a bike can be very cost effective.

I stayed in Aonang Cliff Beach Resort located 5 mins walk away from the main beach, it offers a splendid view of the Andaman Sea and the cliffs and also overlooks the town of Aonang. The added advantage of this resort is they offer a balcony bathing tub which overlooks the Andaman sea and one can almost spend the entire day sipping beer and dipping in the tub while gazing at the grand view.

On our first day at Aonang we strolled around the town knowing about the town from the people, spending the evening sitting by the beach watching the gorgeous setting sun and also later getting some rest as we had a long flight and layover. We pretty much figured the town out in a day or so because it’s a small vicinity.

Second Day we had our island hopping, we were taken to the pier at the banks of river Krabi in the early hours of the day and boarded our speedboat, people with sea-sickness be  very aware that the sea can be pretty rough at times so take along necessary medicines. We reached our first destination Koh Phra Nang, stepping down from the boat I felt like stepping into paradise, white pristine beach, crystal clear waters, green limestone cliffs and a blue sky. Koh Phra Nang is a famous spot not only for it’s beach but also because of the Phra Nang Caves which is a temple sort of a place where the local fishermen’s make offerings. It’s believed that Princess Goddess resides inside the cave. Phra Nang beach was also featured in the Bollywood film Kaho Na Pyar Hai in the title track itself.


Next up we went to the island named Koh Tup which is connected to Koh Gai (Chicken Island) through a narrow strip of beach amidst the ocean. Tup island is a crowded one as it offers great conditions to bathe in the sea as a result when we went it was completely packed with tourists. Moving on we went to Chicken Island, it’s the perfect place to snorkel as it’s not too deep but the water is very clear and the sea bed is full of corals.

Aonang has cozy nightlife, street side restaurants, cozy cafes are spread throughout. There is something for everyone. There are various cuisines available, Thai, Indian, Continental and Malaysian being the commonest of all, pancakes and barbecues are a must have as these are the most common street foods. Krabi also has a vivid night market, sadly i couldn’t visit as we didn’t have enough time. Sunsets are a treat to watch in Aonang as it’s in the western side of the land. Aonang is also connected with Raileh, a much more serene beach side but naturally it’s on the costlier side.

What’s your first international trip story, write it below in the comments section!

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