To 2018, A bitter-sweet memory.

This year has been full of ups and downs, a year which showed me what life really is, a year which made me happy and sad in the same day. It’s was a year of learning, i have matured with the circumstances i faced this year. No matter how happy i wanted to be this year pulled me down with something or the other on the personal level!
Now coming to the ups, i have no clue how can a year be so like a heartbeat with such high ups and such deep downs, it just suggests that there’s a positive thing lined up after every negative happening, this year gave me so much out of my work, friendship and to be very honest alot in the personal level too trying to overshadow the downs. This year was the year of traveling, the year of covering people’s big day, this year was about spending sleepless nights with friends in different parts of the world. I am a different, and when i say that i mean hell lotta different person than i was a year back, you know why ? Because these ups and downs made me realise it’s much more to it, it’s the way of life.
We only see the light when we are in darkness.
To a year that made me strong, that made me independent.
Thank you.

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