Restaurant Review – Five Mad Men

A chic lounge cum restaurant situated in the IT hub of the city. This place has one of the best interiors in the town, also they serve detox water which is a big bonus.

I went there for a casual lunch on a weekend and didn’t face any waiting time. We sat on the restaurant zone as the lounge area mainly has high tables.

I had heard a lot about this place and was pretty excited to try it, so we went ahead with the order.

We ordered one Chicken Ghee Roast with Paratha.
One Chili Garlic Chicken with Mixed Fried Rice and one Pork Belly Bao.

The Chicken Ghee Roast was lip smackingly delicious, the paratha seemed a bit too oily though!


The Chili Garlic Chicken was soft and succulent full of garlicky flavors and the rice was aromatic and fresh.


Now coming to the star of the show, the Pork Belly bao, was so deliciously unforgettable. The pork pieces were tender and succulent, and they were bursting with flavors, the bao bread was so soft, completely silky and melt in mouth experience.

Overall ratings:

Ambiance: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Quantity: 5/5
Value for money: 4/5

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